Join a webinar on social isolation and loneliness

Join us to learn more about Social isolation and Loneliness, how it can affect people and why we can’t just give someone a leaflet about a coffee morning in this first in a series of events which look at the learning from TIme to Shine and Ageing Better.

We’ll take a look at what social isolation and loneliness are, the differences between them and some of the likely triggers. Looking at the effects academics think chronic loneliness can have on people – physically and emotionally – will help us to understand what action we can take as volunteers or professionals who are supporting older people.

Time to Shine in Leeds, and the 13 other Ageing Better partners across England set out to use a range of techniques to reduce social isolation and loneliness in people 50+.  

Join us to find out where and why people are lonely, and how you might start to tackle this loneliness on February 1st at 13.00

This is one in a series of seminars which looks at causes of social isolation and loneliness, what affects academics now think it can have on people both physically and emotionally, and some of the tried and tested techniques Time to Shine and other Ageing Better projects used to encourage people to engage, and reduce their loneliness over time. 

The first looks at social isolation and loneliness and the research and resources available.

The second considers some of the Barriers to Engagement – the value of person centred working to reduce some of those barriers, thinking about the work of SWiFt and community connector roles. We’ll also look at barriers when working with particular groups and how people tackled these.

Finally we consider the importance of making space for friendships – we’ll look at the success of Time to Shine’s delivery partners with Shared Tables and Ageing Better Camden’s Warm Welcome approach and how you can use something similar in your groups.

You can find out more about the series here 

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