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A brief introduction

December 2022 marked a new beginning for the Age Action Alliance, which many of you will remember from when it was set up a decade ago under the aegis of the DWP and Age UK to facilitate collaborative working between anyone with a shared interest in later life issues. 

Over the next few years, the AAA grew into a vibrant hub with some 900+ members, giving organisations direct access to older people in order to inform their work and develop joined-up solutions. And this is very much what we now plan to do with what is effectively AAA 2.0!

We believe there is a huge opportunity to improve the lives of older people by enabling organisations (private, public and third sector) to collaborate on key issues and (uniquely) tap into lived experiences. 

AAA is now run by EngAgeNet (The English Age Network) and the National Development Team for Inclusion (NDTi). But its future success depends on collaboration. Members can take part in the virtual groups to inform research projects and develop policies on key issues such as pensioner poverty, later life housing, employment, social exclusion, health and care. 

This will generate “bottom up” solutions, build a more connected future, break down generational barriers and give older people themselves a real voice in the decisions that affect them. Working together, we believe we can make a difference.

Critically, we aim to act as a comms hub too – enabling members to share their news and views and learn from others. As well as this website, there are regular news updates now going out to hundreds of subscribers – many of whom then cascade to their groups and forums. 

In just the first few months, more than 100 organisations have joined the fold along with over 25 individuals, but we want to work with and learn from everyone with an interest in the later life arena. If that sounds like you, why not become a member (it’s free!), get involved with one of our Action Groups or sign up for our newsletters. You can see our current membership here:

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