Action on social isolation and digital exclusion

The linkage between social connectedness and wellbeing is well established, and study after study – in the UK and overseas – has demonstrated the highly negative impacts on our physical and mental health that social isolation brings. 

The pandemic highlighted the stark fact that many older people, especially those with underlying health or mobility problems, can spend long periods of time with little or no social contact: a recent YouGov survey confirmed that care workers (if they have them) are often the only people that their clients speak to for days at a time.

The closure of day centres and libraries, cuts in public transport, poverty, the loss of a partner, family and friends moving away… there can be any number of contributory factors. And many older people are becoming increasingly isolated from the rest of society by increasing digitisation of essential services and communications.

In this Action Area, we will be looking at the positive ways in which these issues can be addressed: sharing ideas, information, news and opinions on tackling the growing disconnect between millions of some of our most vulnerable citizens… and the rest of us.

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