Areas for Action…
…and how members of the AAA can contribute

Action Areas

Help us to challenge disadvantage

Older people commonly experience exclusion and disadvantage across a number of aspects of their daily lives, all of which can prevent them from participating in, and contributing towards, society –and from fulfilling their full potential as individuals.  

Not least: 

  • The provision of suitable new homes and funds for the adaptation of existing ones; 
  • Adequate long-term social care for people with dementia or poor physical health;
  • Continuing cut backs to the public transport network; 
  • Reconciling an emerging technology-driven society with those who may be excluded from it;
  • Testructuring the labour market to harness the skills and experience of older people without disadvantaging younger people; 
  • enabling older people to achieve a decent standard of living at a time when millions of people of all ages are seeing their living standards decline.
  • Ageist attitudes

These challenges, of course, are not new; and neither are they exclusive to the older generation, but they do affect large numbers of older people in later life – some quite severely – and some of these challenges are actually becoming more severe. The concern for all should be that these will not be resolved and will continue to blight the lives of the next generations of older people to come… unless solutions are found and acted upon.

AAA members will have the opportunity to contribute in the following ways:

  • Share their news, views and work in this field, via our website and newsletters, as well as quick and simple on-line surveys and our social media channels.
  • Be part of our collective response to consultations, Government policy proposals, research reports, media coverage of current issues.
  • Take part in Policy Panel events where members will have the opportunity to discuss issues of current interest and to produce a “manifesto” for action.

Working together, we believe we can begin to shift the negative perceptions of older people that stand in the way of progress and to develop workable proposals for a better future that would gain widespread acceptance. If you are an organisation or individual that wants to help us, become a member and get involved!