Could AI play a role in tackling later life loneliness?

We need YOUR help to find out the best way forward, says Tony Watts OBE.

AI is already playing a big part in our lives, and the trajectory is only going upwards. So how can the technology improve the lives of older people – particularly those living alone?

Critically, how can we ensure that the solutions developed are co-designed with older people, and tailored to their real needs… rather than imposed upon them?

A small collaborative team has been created between a pioneering software company, a specialist in age-friendly telephony and the Age Action Alliance. Between us, we want to make sure that the next step in AI really works for older people.

And, for that to happen, we need YOUR input. At this stage, we first want to know the experiences of older people living alone, as well as the experiences of people who have friends and family members who are living alone. Specifically, we are keen to know how they currently keep in touch, and what the technology barriers might be. That will also help us identify the gaps that AI might fill, as well as the obstacles the technology needs to overcome.

Below is a five-minute survey. Do please fill in as many sections as you feel able. To say “thank you”, one of those responses will be randomly selected when the survey closes for a £250 contribution to the charity of their choice. And, if you’d like to know more about any aspect of this project, or talk about future involvement as we move forwards, do please get in touch.

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