“A significant milestone”: Age UK London responds to Mayor’s Age-friendly Action Plan

“The launch of the Mayor’s Action Plan for an age-friendly London is a significant milestone in the city’s age-friendly journey. We want it to have a tangible impact and we will be the first to question any failure in results on behalf of older Londoners.”

November 27 marked the launch of the Mayor of London’s “Age-friendly Action Plan”. Abi Wood, CEO, Age UK London responded by saying:  “The Mayor has a vital role to play and the age-friendly plan is essential to addressing the serious challenges faced by many older Londoners. We welcome the publication of this important document, which marks the start of a new chapter. We hope it is defined by tangible action to improve the lives of older Londoners.

“Age UK London has played a significant role in the development of the Action Plan, most recently as a member of the London Age Friendly Forum (LAFF). We, alongside other organisations, working with and led by older Londoners, have been calling for an age-friendly London since the 2000s. In 2018, at Age UK London’s ‘Tackling Loneliness among older Londoners” conference, it was announced that London had joined the UK Age-friendly Cities and Communities network, and this was an historic moment.

“Age UK London now looks forward to supporting the Mayor to deliver the plan. We will also be watching closely to see that the plan makes a real difference to older people’s lives.

Our own research tells us that London can offer varied and contrasting experiences, both positive and negative, for older Londoners. It is a place where older people feel positive about living in the city. Sadly, it is also one where most people over 60 (particularly those in their early 60s) don’t feel they are valued.”

Addressing poverty

She went on to say that: “We also urgently need to address poverty amongst older people in London. The city has the highest levels of ‘pensioner poverty’ in England and action is needed to prevent the situation from getting worse.

“There should be no misconceptions about the amount of work required to implement this plan. This launch must be followed very quickly by determined action, with teams across the Greater London Authority aware of the role they must play so that older Londoners, both now and in the future, have a great place to live, where they can shape their city and have their needs met.

“Together with other members of LAFF will be watching to see how the plan is implemented and monitoring the results. We want it to have a tangible impact and we will be the first to question any failure in results on behalf of older Londoners.”


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