Sounds brilliant: tuning in to age friendly radio

If you’re not already an avid listener, you might want to tune into the great output of The Later Life Audio and Radio Cooperative (LLARC): an award-winning and growing network of older radio show hosts, age-friendly radio stations, voluntary and community sector organisations and academic researchers working on age-related issues.

The content from LLARC members is free to listen to (usually via the web but also through some local radio stations) and covers a really inspiring mix of topics while making sure that older people themselves from all around the country get a voice in the debates that affect their lives.

For example, the LLARC has just launched a brand new series in partnership with The British Society of Gerontology’s Early Researchers Association. In the first few episodes, you can learn about how theatre practice can counteract ageism and reduces feelings of shame; the cultural differences of grandparenting; how experiences throughout the life course impact frailty; and how self-perception of ageing influences health outcomes.

An example of a recent episode…

Their weekly Care Speaks shows are presented by Mervyn Eastman and hosted, produced and edited by the Institute of Health and Social Care Management (IHSCM). They seek to explore all issues about social care and chats with recent guests have covered later life sexuality and wellbeing; co-operative development; benefits; dementia and social care co-operatives; ageism; and much else. 

All shows are available at and broadcast every Wednesday on LLARC’s Mixcloud platform: . 

Looking North East…

An excellent example of output from the regions is Older Voices. This radio magazine show from LLARC members The Elders Council of Newcastle can claim to be the only radio magazine show in the UK (and Europe?) to be produced entirely by older people – a team of nine with a median age of 79.

They have built up their broadcasts from an initial 30 minutes a month to a weekly two-hour programme. If you want to listen to their show live from 2 to 4 pm on a Sunday afternoon, you can find them on Radio Garden or Nova Radio North East Live.

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