A week-long celebration of the impact of community transport

Between October 16 and 21st, 2023, communities across the UK will celebrate the vital role and inspiring work of Alliance members Community Transport (CT) in helping millions of people to stay independent, participate in their communities and access essential public services and employment.

This year’s Community Transport Week theme “Bridging the gap, uniting communities” will celebrate how accessible, inclusive and affordable transport is fostering stronger and more connected communities.

In this interconnected world, where mobility plays a pivotal role in shaping lives, efforts of the community transport sector transcend mere logistical solutions. Community Transport embodies compassion, empathy and a deep-rooted understanding of the diverse needs of people in rural communities.

CT has been delivering supported transport for over 57 years in the UK for older people, young people, minority groups, people living with disability and marginalised people. Community transport is more than just moving people from point A to point B. It is about fostering a sense of belonging, bridging divides, and empowering individuals to access education, employment, healthcare, and social opportunities that are the bedrock of a thriving community.

Community Transport Week is a time to spotlight the incredible efforts of volunteers, drivers, coordinators and everyone in the sector who works tirelessly to provide reliable transportation options for those who face mobility challenges or lack access to conventional modes of transportation.

During Community Transport Week, individuals, organisations, and local authorities will come together to raise awareness about the importance of community transport services and recognise the dedicated individuals who make them possible. Community Transport Week serves as a platform to showcase the positive impact that CT services have on people’s lives, enabling them to maintain their independence, engage in social activities, access healthcare facilities, and connect with their local community.

Through various activities, such as public campaigns, celebrations, educational workshops, and special events, 2023 Community Transport Week seeks to foster a sense of unity and solidarity, reminding us of the power of transportation in promoting social inclusion and ensuring that no one is left behind.

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