Older people in Leeds set out the changes they want to election candidates

Ahead of the General Election in July, Leeds Older People’s Forum and Age UK Leeds, as the two leading local charities in the City working for older people, have set out the changes they want politicians to act upon in order to improve the lives of older people in the City.

They have reiterated the top three things older people have told Age UK they want from the next Government are outlined in their manifesto blueprint:

1.     Keep the Triple Lock

2.     A reliable NHS, where they can quickly see their GP, and get timely reliable hospital treatment; and decent social care when needed

3.     Listen to older people when taking big decisions that specifically affect them.
All of which, they say, chime with the four priorities for change Leeds Older People’s Forum have identified through their work with older people in Leeds:

1.     Social and community-based care needs adequate funding to ensure it is high quality and personalised. 

2.   Prevention must be given a high priority so we all have a good quality of life not just additional years

3.   Older people in Leeds must be listened to in order to ensure we are a truly age and dementia friendly City.

4.   Age must be respected, with greater recognition as a protected characteristic, enabling people to age with dignity

Leeds is represented by eight constituencies, three of which are currently served by Conservative MPs, the other five by Labour MPs.

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