North East older people create a platform against ageism

Older people in the North East have created a new website designed for older activists to share their experiences and expertise with others. 

Platform 60, declares the website, has been created “By older people for older people – a place to discuss, let off steam, learn, generate ideas, sound off, sound out and shout about your successes.”

Research by the Tudor Trust has shown that older people’s voices and expertise are still not at the forefront of influencing policy and practice. 

“By developing Platform60,” say the new website creators, “we set out to give an opportunity for people to raise their voices and show that older people have a great deal to contribute to make this world a better place. 

“We welcome contributions to the website in the form of ‘Snapshots of Learning’ where you can share your experiences with others.  This is our starting point for building the confidence of older people to challenge ageism in all its forms.”

Do check out the website here:

And you can find out more in this informative podcast!

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