Reaching the older consumer

How can companies best connect with older consumers – often a target market for their goods and services? AAA member Deborah Stone, Managing Director of Mature Thinking has some helpful advice.

Customers ­of all ages no longer just want products or services. These days, in order to be successful in any market, you need to make a connection with your customers – for them to trust and value what you say as well as what you supply. It’s why we talk about “brand loyalty”… a powerful tool for any marketer and, arguably, especially so when it comes to the older consumer.

It’s why, when you talk to your customers, you don’t just sell to them… you enhance your offering with advice and solutions by delivering quality, valuable content as well.

For example, if you can answer your customer’s problems with helpful tips that a customer can try before they buy your product or service, it not only enhances their customer experience, but also builds your brand credibility, and communicates a genuine USP. It shows your customer that you value them personally, and this human touch goes a long way to support and grow your business.

Solve a problem, win their custom

With so much of the communications between suppliers and customers now conducted online, this is where a lot of the work can be done.

Rich, pertinent content on your website, for example, is great for search engine optimisation (SEO) and will help your business to rank higher in Google searches.

This makes it so much easier to find new customers as well as to retain your existing ones… but it only really works if your content is in-depth, relevant, and well-written. It has to speak to your consumer in a way which meets their needs and is unique to your business.

Yes, this takes time and money to manage, but it is completely worthwhile if you commit to it fully. You need to regularly post fresh content in the form of blogs, infographics, and updates, making certain that all the content works positively – to help your customer to diagnose and solve their problems, and then decide which of your products or services is the right solution for their specific requirements.

Increase your reliability rating

Talking to your customers through regular newsletters is also a brilliant way to keep open the lines of communications and build trust.

Creating regular, meaningful content across your website, social channels and email marketing helps establish your brand as an authority in your marketplace. It demonstrates both that you understand your customer and that you have listened to their needs. You can show the customer that you can solve their issues not just via products and services, but also with insights and advice on ways to address their pain points, delivering both value and reassurance to your audience, so building trust and loyalty.

Find out what your target audience wants and give it to them

In general, customers want solutions to their problems as well as an easy shopping experience, but they also desire value and meaning. Customers are more discerning than ever, and will support brands that resonate with them at a deeper level. Decide what you stand for as a brand and demonstrate this to your customer… not only through what you sell and how you sell it, but also by what you communicate to them.

Create a genuine connection

Brands who create relevant and engaging content are able to create a conversation with their audience. By publishing meaningful content online, brands can reach a large segment of their audience on their phones and laptops. Brands who can demonstrate that they listen to customers by engaging with them and having a point of view will find it easier to get consumers to respond.

Working with companies serving the older market

I have worked with many companies who serve the older market and their families to develop the right products and services. All my experience has shown that those who have developed complimentary copy to support their brands have always performed better.

I have worked with The Complete Care Shop to develop unique branding, supported by a comprehensive catalogue of help and advice articles to help older people and their families to live better lives. This has not only enhanced trust in the brand, but also increased sales significantly as a result. I have also helped Cera Care, the Department of Work and Pensions, Trinity Homecare and Hippychick to develop their businesses successfully.

I run a series of highly effectives presentations, webinars and seminars for staff as part of their companies’ drive to provide greater staff loyalty through content and advice. These have included J P Morgan, Credit Suisse, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, Herbert Smith and Travers Smith.

Mature Thinking was set up by Deborah Stone, a highly experienced consultant and marketer, who has a profound understanding of how to target the older market in order to maximise sales and profit.

With twenty-five years consultancy experience and as the founder of the UK’s largest one- stop shop for family carers of older people, Deborah can help businesses to master the challenges they face in terms of product development, marketing and selling to this growing and complex market, as well as running effective seminars and 1-1 clinics to help staff manage their caring responsibilities.

For more information, please visit Mature Thinking or contact Deborah Stone at

Deborah has also written The Essential Family Guide to Caring for Older People aimed at helping older people and their families to cope with ageing and care, available from Amazon and all good bookshops.

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