A dozen benefits of older workers to employers

With labour and skills shortages across employment sectors, and to mark Older Workers Week at the end of November, Chris Walsh, Chief Executive of Wise Age sets out 12 of the great reasons to employ older people.

  • Older workers and Age diversity bring increased profits, productivity & staff retention.
  • They are mature, resourceful, skilled, knowledgeable, experienced & wise.
  • They offer good organisational memory (memory of past problems & solutions).
  • Older workers are better in-work students (with higher retention & success rates) and stay on in the company after training.
  • They are good at team-working.
  • Older people can mentor, guide & support younger personnel.
  • Age diversity means matching clients and customers with staff and volunteers of the same age – this leads to greater customer satisfaction and profitability.
  • The 50+ generation have experienced the introduction of new technology and new ways of working throughout their working lives. They take innovation in their stride!
  • Older workers are very committed, loyal, and motivated.
  • They offer good customer skills – and so can attract and retain the “grey pound”, the largest & fastest growing consumer demographic
  • Their culture of loyalty means they will tend to stay with the company, leading to reduced recruitment costs.
  • They bring a knowledge of past business cycles and best practice

How can WiseAge help employers?

Wise Agewas the first specialist age employment charity in London: they campaign for the elimination of age discrimination and have helped thousands of 50+ job applicants from all backgrounds towards employment and self-employment with a 50% success rate for registered clients – even for long term unemployed.

If you are looking to tap into the talents of older workers, or retain the staff you already have, they can:

1)         Help your organisation to embrace age diversity as part of a wider diversity strategy

2)         Help ensure your policies and practice comply with Equality and Employment legislation

3)         Train managers and staff and volunteers to act in a non-ageist way

4)         Help you promote your work as an age friendly organisation with age diverse staff and volunteers and welcome clients of all ages

5)         Support older clients who are looking for employment / self-employment

6)         Encourage older people to volunteer

7)         Work in partnership to address clients physical, social and mental needs

8)         Build your image and customer base among seniors

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